Friday, March 20, 2009

Site Build It Scam?

Do you think that Site Build It! can possibly be a scam? If you search the internet you can type in "site build it scam" and probably come up with a lot of "reviews" from people who are pushing the product. You may also see a lot of testimonials saying that you can easily make $3,000 per month and quit your 9-5 slave job. And, if you go on the SBI! forums or any forum related to it, all you see is a bunch of praise from the prodcut.

Well, didn't your mother ever tell you that if something in life sounded too good to be true, it probably was? First of all, site build it! costs $300 for ONE website. And, you get a basic setup of SEO, weekly e-mails from the owner Dr. Ken Envoy who never says anything in 10 words that he can't in 100. Usually, most people will drop out after the first six months because their site on soap box racing brings zero traffic and worse is they are getting $.02 clicks from adsense.

Now back to the original thought on the site build it scam. Most of you know what MLM means, and essentially this could be classified as so. Why in the world would there be a trillion results for Site Build It Scam with people posting GOOD reviews about the product? They are trying to sell it to you.

Well, if they could make $3,000 per month with Site Build It!, why in the world would they need to sell the product that is the answer to their income needs? Easy. It doesn't work and they get paid a chunk of change for every noob website owner they refer.

So, you can believe me or not all you want. But the truth of the matter is there are plenty of better ways to save your money and make more money online than what Site Build It offers.

Take a gander at a site build it forum like website babble and look at the people's websites who post most frequently in the forum. Does one thing catch your eye?? THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME. Same links on the left, same weird banner thing about their cat who has three eyes or whatever they made a website about. Then, go to google adwords and see if you can look up their keywords and see how many visitors it would get per month. Even if they did get traffic, why would someone click a googling ad when there is 300 pages of content on an SBI site? And most likely they are getting the $.02 per click because all of their anchored backlinks say "". Nobody searches for that.

Anyway, getting back to the main topic, try to do some research before getting yourself caught into an online scam. There are plenty of people giving great information away for free because they are genuinely good people. All that is required from you is your time to learn.